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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

After School Club Payment and Bookings Information



Booking for the club is essential to enable us to ensure that we have the correct staffing in place. 

Bookings should be made via ParentPay. We can accept casual bookings provided places are available and we will endeavour to help parents as much as possible with last minute bookings.

If a last minute booking is needed parents/carers will need to ring the School Office or the direct line for the clubs:

01626 872641( during club hours) 


Breakfast Club starts at 07:40 and After School Club finishes at 17.00 whilst extended After School Club finishes at 18.00.


Absences / Cancellations

Last minute absence/cancellation (i.e. day of the absence) Should your plans alter and you pick your child up from school you must notify the office that your child will not be present.

This is important for your child’s safety as if the school is not advised it will mean a member of staff will need to investigate the reason for the absence. 

Parents/carers can notify a last minute absence to the school office via telephone (please do not email last minutes absences). Last minute cancellations will not be refunded as the staffing will be in place to accomadate the number of children attending. 

If your child is absent from school all day the office staff will notify the club.



Known absences/cancellations

Cancellations up to 24 hours before the day booked can be made in writing either via email or

a note to the School Office. Payments made for the clubs will be refunded if 24 hours or more notice is given. 


Collection of Children

Parent/carers can collect children at any time during the course of the afternoon, as long as

they are collected no later than 5.00 pm. For collection arrangements for the extended session please refer to the notes below. Payment will be for a whole session even if they are collected earlier. If there is a problem in getting to the club on time then the parent/carer will ring the

club to advise of the reason for the delay and make alternative arrangements for the collection

of the child if necessary. If an alternative arrangement for the child is made the club will need

to be notified who will be collecting.

If you have arranged for a friend or relative to collect your child we must be informed as we

are not able to release the children without prior consent. If this is a regular agreement you

can give your permission in writing. This should include details of the length of time that the arrangement will be for, or if it is until further notice.


Extended Club

We arrange staffing for this club as required, so it is essential that you book for the extended session. This can be done in advance via ParentPay or on the day via the school office. 

Should a child be booked into 5pm but remain uncollected at 5.15pm the full charge of the extended session will apply.



Payments can be made by cheque (payable to Devon County Council)


online using the school’s online payments system (ParentPay)


Working Tax Credit

Under the childcare element of the Working Tax Credit, parents meeting these criteria can

claim for help with the childcare cost. For further details on working tax credits contact the

Inland Revenue by visiting to find out how much you

could be entitled to.