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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
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Bad Weather Procedure


What will happen in cases of severe weather?



In the event of any disruption caused by severe weather such as snow, our prime consideration will always be the safety of pupils and staff.


The decision to close the school will take account of the safety of all of our pupils and staff. We will always endeavour to open the school in the event of poor weather, as long as it is safe to do so.


If the school is open in snow or poor weather the decision as to whether or not to send a pupil to school, however, must be at the discretion of the parent, taking into account factors such as local road conditions.


We appreciate that during bad weather children may arrive later than normal and parents should endeavour to contact us to let us know they are on their way if they are likely to be delayed. We also recognise there may be isolated instances where families are cut off, even where the clear majority of children can get into school.

In these instances parents should inform the school of the circumstances of this exceptional situation, as we have a duty to clarify the circumstances of each case to be able to formally authorise the absence to the Local Authority. Parents acting on the assumption that the school would be closed without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents the child coming into school risks their child being registered as an un-authorised absence.


In the event of poor weather conditions, parents should check to see if the school is open before travelling to the site. There are a number of ways to confirm whether the school is open or closed.


♦  Listen for list of school closures on the local radio.

♦  Check the list of school closures on the Devon County Council Website:


If the school is closed, we will try and make a decision as early as possible, and will intend to re-open as soon as we can


If we do have to shut the school we will inform parents via:


♦  a message will be put on our website.

♦  a  message will also be put onto the school app 


Please also ensure that the email address attached to your ParentPay account, is up to date as we will update parents via this.


If the school does open, but extreme weather develops during the day, we will aim to remain open until the end of the normal school day. However this is not always possible when roads are becoming treacherous.

If we need to close the school during the school day we will contact you personally to collect your child as soon as possible. Under these conditions we will take verbal permission for their child/children to be collected by a nominated adult. we will also putting notices out and add to the school website.


It is vital that the school office holds the correct contact information for parents, you can let us know about any changes here or by completing the contact update form and returning to the school office.