Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Ethos, Vision and Values


 Our ethos drives our vision and our values form the core of all that we do.



At Stokeinteignhead School our ethos is encompassed in our vision and values statement to which all members of the school community have contributed.  We aim to inspire our children and raise standards by promoting a school ethos which is underpinned by four core values. These values form the basis of our Positive Behaviour Policy.


A body of respectful, determined, curious and resourceful children: this is our aim at Stokeinteignhead School and these are the foremost attributes that we encourage every child to display.


Importantly, this aim is integral to many aspects of the school day: the enforcement of rules; the implementation of the behaviour policy; the nature of rewards and sanctions; the staff’s expectations – all are underpinned by our desire to see that children receive the appropriate guidance and instruction.

We welcome the support of parents in helping us achieve our aim. We invite you to share with us the task of developing such qualities. Every child is included in this process and each will be afforded the responsibility to behave accordingly.

At any point in time, specific information as to how we are striving to foster our key attributes can be obtained from the headteacher. We hope, however, that the results of our endeavours will be evident in the behaviour of the children and that this will serve to make every parent proud of his or her son or daughter’s efforts.


What does it mean for children at Stokeinteignhead School to be, respectful, determined, curious and resourceful





Demonstrating good manners; being tolerant and thoughtful towards others and showing consideration for others’ belongings.





Having self-belief and a positive mindset; being focused upon learning and motivated to do well.






Being imaginative and creative; noticing what is happening around them and questioning what they see





Being independent and showing initiative; taking suitable responsibility for their learning and behaviour.