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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
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Welcome to the governors FAQ's page. 


This page has been written based on questions that we have been asked about the Governing Body and to help parents and carers to understand the Governors role. 


Further information about the Governing Body of Stokeinteignhead can be found on the Governors page under the Key Information section.

What is a Governing Body?


The Governing Body is a legally constituted body which is made up of volunteers  who have an interest in promoting standards in education. The Governing Body has a range of duties and powers and is responsible for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of education and achievement.

What does the Governing Body do?


The Governing Body works together as a group and has a strategic role in the running of the school, this includes ensuring the highest standards of learning and teaching for our pupils. Our role is to both support and challenge the Head Teacher and the school as a whole to ensure this.


Our responsibilities include:


  • setting the school’s budget 
  • monitoring and reviewing the School Improvement Plan
  • assisting in the appointment of staff
  • setting a performance management policy for all staff
  • the approval of policies.
  • monitoring of standards
  • management of the buildings and grounds

How does the Governing body do this?


Our Governing Body meets every month during the school year to discuss key issues and make decisions. The Head Teacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school, but can consult with the Governing Body who will offer support and constructive advice. The Head Teacher will provide a report to the Governing Body at every meeting to update on how the school is performing and meeting its objectives.


There is also Sub Committees which meet separately to deal with specific issues such as the progress of pupils and the school's finances. These are:

  • Finance and Resources
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Pay

Appeals concerning staff and pupil discipline are heard by the Governing Body as are complaints against the school if these cannot be resolved by Head Teacher.


In addition to meetings, we also carry out governor visits to the school. On these occasions we might sit in on a lesson to get a good idea of what happens in the classrooms, have a discussion with a teacher, or speak to pupils about their progress. The idea is to gain a thorough understanding of how the school works and to ensure that the school’s plans and priorities are being appropriately implemented. Our visits have a specific focus and are planned with the Head Teacher. We also write a short report following each visit

What is not part of a Governors role?


Governors are not involved in the teaching of children, or in individual matters relating to the Headteacher or staff. For example, we do not judge the quality of teaching

How many Governors does Stokeinteignhead School have?


The Governing Body consists of 8 governors in addition to the Head Teacher. There are different types of Governors, e.g. those representing parents, staff and the local authority.

How can I find out about what Governors have discussed at meetings?


Our Governors minutes are posted on the Governors page of the website.  If you want to know more about anything that has been discussed, please contact the Chair of Governors, care of  Mrs Johnson (clerk to governors) 

How can I become a Governor?


If you are interested in becoming a governor, please express an interest by contacting the Chair of Governors via the Clerk using the contact form below.

You may also wish to consider contacting the local authority to find out about vacancies on other local governing boards.


Further information about the role, responsibilites and categories of governor can be found on our Governors page.

How can I make contact with the governing body?


If you have any questions about the work of the governing body or would like to provide any feedback please contact us through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Johnson via the link below: