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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful


Maple Class Trip to Kents Cavern

Dear Parents,


Kents Cavern

As you will now be aware, as part of our learning in history, I have organised a trip to Kents Cavern on Monday 20th November 2016.  


The children will spend the day at the caves, enjoying a cave tour to learn about how the caves were formed, types of rocks and two additional activities, including cave art and an ‘archaeological dig’.


For this trip, the children should come to school wearing their school uniform as usual.  The children will also need to be wearing sensible footwear, such as trainers, bearing in mind that they will be doing a woodland walk and negotiating the uneven floor within the caves.


Packed Lunches

For the Kents Cavern trip, all children will need a packed lunch from home.  As the trip is on a Monday, the school are unable to provide packed lunches for this trip.


Printing Day

For our art project this term, the children have been busy investigating and creating patterns.  We have learnt about how patterns are created and the importance of colour and shape when creating patterns.  


We have also created a plan for a print which we will create using the school printing press and different printing techniques, including mono-printing and collagraph printing.


As printing can be a fairly lengthy process, I have decided to make Wednesday 22nd November a printing day.  We will be using artist’s quality printing inks.  Whilst these inks will create beautiful and vibrant colours, they do not wash out of clothing.  For this reason, all of the children should come to school wearing old clothes that you do not mind getting ruined.  This way, we can all enjoy the day without worrying about getting ink on ourselves or others.


We look forward to showing the beautiful prints that we create and sharing photographs of our trip to Kents Cavern. The Maple Class page of the school website has lots of lovely photographs of the children in action at school. Simply click on the ‘Photo Gallery’ section to take a look!


Kind regards


Joanna Crathorne