Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Parent's Quick Guide A-Z



Please read through our A – Z, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Stokeinteignhead Primary School


A to Z for Parents and Carers






If your child is unable to attend school for any reason, please telephone or e-mail the school office to let us know. If your child has sickness or diarrorhoea we ask that he/she does not return to school for 48 hours as this type of illness can be very infectious.




Term Dates are sent home when they are agreed. They are also available on the website.




We run an after school club every day, Monday to Friday during term time.

Further information is available from the school office or on our website. Bookings should be made on Parentpay. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking.





Daily assemblies help to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and helps to provide guidance on what is right and wrong. These are led by Mr. Caddy (Headteacher) and a rewards assembly is held at the end of the school day on a Friday. Certificates are awarded, to children for demonstrating the school values, such as working well, achieving their targets or being kind.




Assessment is essential to enable us to extend and challenge the children’s learning so that they can reach their full potential. Objectives are used to inform class planning, children’s next steps, resources, support, whole school objectives and training.


Further information about our assessment processes is available on the website.




The most important thing you can do as a parent is to ensure your child attends school EVERY day. It is a legal responsibility that they attend school and you may be prosecuted if their attendance falls.

It has been proved that poor attendance means they will fall behind the other children in their work and may never catch up.

You will be contacted if there is a concern about your child’s attendance.


If your child is really poorly of course they should be at home in bed. You must ring or email the school the first morning the child is ill. (See Absence above).




A rewards assembly is held every Friday Afternoon. Children are presented with certificates for demonstrating the school values.


Across the school marbles are given for positive behaviours and collected in a jar in each class. The class with the most marbles at the end of the week will receive a treat such as a non-uniform day.





We run a breakfast club every day, Monday to Friday during term time.

Further information is available from the school office or on our website. Bookings should be made on Parentpay. Please note that payment is required at the time of booking.




All reported cases of bullying are investigated – see Positive Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies. Any incidents of bullying are reported immediately to the head teacher. We will not tolerate any kind of bullying at Stokeinteignhead Primary and we pride ourselves on our friendly inclusive school.





Your views are important to us and we are always keen to hear your questions, comments and concerns. Here are a few ways you can express your views.

Speak with the class teacher
Parent/Teacher consultations are held twice a year, once in the autumn term and another in the spring. Parents are welcome to speak with the class teacher for a moment or two after school and longer appointments can usually be arranged within a day or two.


Speak to the headteacher
Mr. Caddy will be able to provide you with an overview of your child’s learning (he is responsible for tracking the attainment and progress of all children in our school) as well as talk about ways to support you and your child.

Put your views in writing

You could send us an email or a short note. Just inside the main reception, there is a secure comments box and any feedback you have can be left here anonymously.

Look out for our communications
We aim to produce a newsletter each term for parents and carers. Our newsletters typically have class-specific information, school-wide news, forthcoming dates and governor updates. This is in addition to letters which are sent home at various times throughout the academic year.
We send home paper copies of essential communications. However, we increasingly use other ways to communicate and use email to send messages where possible. Please ensure you register your email address with the school office or on ParentPay.

We have an open-door policy at Stokeinteignhead Primary and staff are nearly always available at the end of the school day; so it’s easy to have a quick chat with your child's teacher or Mr. Caddy.




We communicate with parents and carers through various means, such as newsletters. phone app, emails and informal social events. Parents are invited to consultations twice yearly and written reports are sent home at the end of the Summer Term.

Every year parents and others are invited to attend our Annual Sports Day as well as children’s performances.

Staff are always happy to meet with parents and carers to talk through any concerns.




Any concerns about school matters should first be discussed with class teachers or brought to the attention of the Headteacher. If the concern is not resolved, a complaint may be raised with the Governing Body. Details on our complaints procedure can be found on the school’s website.




Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which meets the needs of all the children in our school. Please the website for details.








Doors open. Mr. Caddy or another member of staff is available to meet and greet parents and children.


Children into their classrooms, ready for registration.


Assembly – Monday – Thursday.






Children line up and are sent to class by the MTA’s


Start of the afternoon session


End of school

§ Reception and KS1 children can be collected from the side entrance. Children will be dismissed by the class teacher.

§ Key Stage 2 will leave through the main entrance, parents are asked to wait in the playground. If they are in Upper KS2, they may go home by themselves but parents/carers must give their written consent to say that is allowed.

§ Children who are attending after school club meet the playleader in the Hall until the club begins

§ Parents/carers must also inform the school if there is a change in who is collecting their child.

It is helpful if we can be given as much notice as possible to enable us to pass the message onto the class teacher.




We are dedicated not only to the learning, but also to the personal, social, emotional and spiritual development of all children. Our school works on a positive model of behaviour management. All children have the right to an education, to feel safe and to be respected. We do not accept bullying of any form and our behavior policy is closely linked to our anti-bullying policy


See Positive Behaviour Policy.





School trips and visits are an integral part of the education of children at Stokeinteignhead Primary. The opportunities such visits offer are valued. Trips include class visits aimed at bringing learning alive and providing first-hand experience.




Please advise the school immediately of any changes to your details (address, telephone number and emergency contact/s) to enable prompt contact at all times




We are committed to ensuring equality of education and opportunity for all pupils, staff, parents and carers, irrespective of race, gender, disability, faith or religion or socio- economic background. We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which all those connected to the school feel proud of their identity and are able to participate fully in school life.


We tackle discrimination through the positive promotion of equality, challenging bullying and creating an environment which instills respect for all. As a school we believe that diversity is a strength, and is one which should be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit us





Basic first aid is given at school when necessary by qualified First Aiders. If an accident requires hospital attention we will make every effort to contact parents. All injuries are recorded in the accident book and a copy of the report is given to parents.




If you are in receipt of any of the following support payments you could be entitled to receive means related free school meals, which enables the school to receive additional funding:

Income-based and contribution-based JSA or ESA on an equal basis

Income Support (IS)

Income based jobseekers allowance (IBJSA)

Income-related employment and support allowance (IRESA)

Child Tax Credit, provided they are not entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual income as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, that does not exceed £16,190

Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit

Where a parent is entitled to Working Tax Credit run-on (the payment someone receives for a further four weeks after they stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)

Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

To see if you qualify and for further details on how to apply please contact the school office. Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from our website





The governing boards role is strategic, its core function is to:


- Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction


- Hold executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff


- Oversee the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.


The governing body is keen to support parents and children through their time at Stokeinteignhead Primary and are committed to listening to the views of Parents and other stakeholders.


Whilst Governors are involved in dealing with complaints, parents and carers, are encouraged to approach their child’s teacher and/or the Headteacher in the first instance with any concerns. Governors will only become involved when the satisfactory resolution of a complaint has not been possible.


If you have any questions about the work of the governing body or would like to provide any feedback please contact us through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Johnson.


Further information about our Governors and their work is available on the website.





Please check your child’s hair regularly. The best thing to do is to comb your child’s hair when it is wet and has conditioner in it - then rinse off and repeat every time you wash it. If we see head lice on a child, we will discuss this with you and the class will be given a letter to remind parents to check.







We are committed to promoting and monitoring healthy food at break and lunch times.

Learning opportunities are offered to pupils to develop their awareness and understanding of healthier eating and basic food safety practices.




We are only allowed to authorise holidays in term time in exceptional circumstances. If you have to take your child out of school during term time, there is a form you must fill in – this is available from the school office or our website.

See Attendance Policy.





We have technology in place to ensure children do not accidentally access inappropriate sites when using ICT in the classroom. Children and adults are informed of what is acceptable and this forms part of our Safeguarding procedures.

See E-Safety Policy




If your child should fall ill whilst at school, we will ring you or another named person on your contact details to come and collect your child as soon as possible. Please make sure we have up-to-date phone numbers for you.







Please help us to keep your child free from accidental injury:

§ Stud earrings are permitted for children with pierced ears

§ Other jewellery is not to be worn in school





Bad language is not tolerated from anyone in school, including parents - it shows a lack of respect. We want our children to follow adult role models, no matter who that adult is: teacher, parent or visitor.




Any items of lost property are put in a central ‘Lost Property Bin’ near the school hall - if your child has lost something then this is the place to check. Please ensure that your child’s name is on all items of school uniform.




All pupils in Reception, Year one and two are entitled to a free school meal.


Lunches are prepared and cooked onsite by our Kitchen Manager Mrs. Gadie and assistant Miss. French. Menus are available on our website, there is ALWAYS a vegetarian option for those children who do not eat meat. Lunches should be ordered in advance and paid for through ParentPay
N.B Bookings are required for all children including Reception, Year 1 and 2


Should you require any further information about our school lunches or to let us know about an allergy or dietary requirement, please contact Laura or Nikki in the school office.


Children who bring packed lunches should bring this in a box or durable bag clearly marked with their name and class. At Stokeinteignhead we promote healthy eating so we ask that lunchboxes reflect this.





When children start at Stokeinteignhead we ask parents to complete a form outlining any medical history to include any known allergies that we should be aware of. We also ask that all contact details are kept up-to-date so that we can make contact in an emergency

Information about any child with a specific and/or serious medical condition, is displayed prominently on the staff room noticeboard, and in the kitchen so that all adults in school are aware to enable them to provide the appropriate care.




There may be times when children attending school need to take medication. Any such medicines should be brought to school by the parent/carer, not the pupil and be delivered personally to the school office. These medicines must be in the original prescribed bottle/packaging, clearly labelled with the:

Pupil’s name, Contents, Dosage and Date

Parents will be asked to complete a form giving permission for the school to administer medication. Medicines in school are kept in a locked cupboard or in a refrigerator, away from the pupils. A record is kept of all medicines administered.


Please note that school staff are not able to administer un-prescribed medicines.


Asthma inhalers are prescribed medication and parents are asked to complete a consent form on their child’s entry into school. As children may need immediate access to their inhaler (Blue Relievers) they are kept in a safe and readily accessible place.

Parents are encouraged to provide the school with full information about their child’s medical needs so that staff can exercise appropriate levels of care.




We provide a milk scheme that is available to all of our pupils. School milk is free for all children under five years old and is subsidized for children aged five and older. The cost is around 15.00 per term. Children registered for the Cool Milk scheme will receive a carton of semi-skimmed milk every day.

Parents will need to register their children to receive milk. Please visit




Download our school app

If you have a smartphone you can download OurSchoolsApp for FREE. It is a personalised app for our school and will allow us to keep you all updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information. It provides you access to school information at the touch of a button. Notifications will be sent to you when news is added.

· For further details, including instructions on downloading the app please see our website.





Our office opening hours are from 8.40 to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, during term time only. If you require further information or have any queries, please contact the school office and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry


Please be advised that at times the school office will be closed due to meetings or staff training. At these times parents can contact the kitchen staff on 01626 872641 (between the hours of 08.00 and 1.30pm and 3.15pm and 5.00 pm) if an urgent response is required.


For all non- urgent matters, we ask that you leave a message on the answerphone or send an email to: /


Should you wish to contact the school office out of school hours then please leave a message on our answering machine or send an email and we will get back to you.


Please also note that emails will not be responded to in the school holidays as the office is closed at these times.





Parent consultations take place in October and February. It is an opportunity for you to meet the teacher to discuss your child’s progress and look at their work. Consultations are limited to 10 minutes, alternative appointments can be made to discuss anything requiring more time. Should you have any concerns, do speak to your child’s teacher, please do not wait until the consultations.




We have a e-payment method (ParentPay) which can be used to pay for lunches, clubs, uniform and trips etc. We will provide you with a username and password.

Help guides are available on our website.




Parents who bring their children to school by car are asked to be considerate when parking. There is a car park at the village hall which may be used. The Church House Inn also allows parents to use its car park in the morning and at the end of the school day.

It should be noted that this facility is not available at other times of the day such as lunchtimes or evenings




We have a range of policies which inform our work in school, such as our Outstanding Teaching Statement, and Curriculum Policy. They are available on the website or from the office.




The school day begins at 8.50am and we ask that children arrive promptly to ensure a positive start to their learning. Please ensure your child is not late for school. Children who arrive late are asked to report to the school office on arrival.





At the end of each year, parents will be given a report detailing progress and attainment across the curriculum. This report will be based on both the teacher’s assessments and the tests conducted throughout the year. Parents/ Carers are encouraged to provide feedback from these reports. As well as this, parent consultations are held in October and February to discuss the progress their child is making. Meetings will be arranged as appropriate where concerns or worries have arisen.




If your child arrives after 8.50 in the morning they are classed as “Late” and must report to the office. These late marks are recorded.





Martin Caddy, Head teacher, is responsible for dealing with child protection issues. If an adult in school has a concern about a child, this is IMMEDIATELY reported and dealt with by Mr. Caddy, designated person for Safeguarding.


Eileen Maddocks is the deputy designated person for Safeguarding.


Please refer to the Safeguarding policy




Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health and how they can be supported in school please contact your School Nurse By ringing 0333 234 1901




To keep our children safe, we:

· Keep entrance and exit doors locked

· Keep Fire Doors secure at all times


We also have an intercom system fitted on the entrance gate. Please help us to keep the children safe by ensuring that you close it after you.


Also refer to our Safeguarding Policy




Please be careful when letting your child use social networking sites like Facebook. We train children in e-safety as they move through the school. Information on keeping children safe online is also available on our website. We do not allow any of our staff to be ‘friends’ with parents, carers or children.


See our Safeguarding Policy and the E-Safety Policy.





Children in Reception are provided with fruit every day as part of the National Fruit Scheme. Should you wish to send your child into school with a snack please ensure that it is only fruit or vegetables. The children can also bring in water to drink.




When a child is identified as having special needs over and above our well-differentiated learning activities, our Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and Leadership team establish appropriate support. This support is delivered through the class teacher’s daily practice and structured interventions. Our SENCo works with staff offering support, guidance and monitoring learners’ progress. If it is felt that your child would benefit from help of other professionals outside the school, e.g. Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Support, Communication and interaction, we will discuss this with you and arrange appropriate support for your child.


Our SENCo is Joanna Crathorne.


Further information is available on our website or from the school office. Please also refer to our SEND Policy.





Families automatically become members of SPLAT (Stokeinteignhead Parents, Locals and Teachers) The group provides invaluable support to the school through organizing social and fundraising events involving parents and the wider local community. The money raised provides extra facilities and funds trips for the children. SPLAT holds regular meetings, dates and details published on the school calendar and in the school’s newsletter.

SPLAT needs the support of parents to ensure it is able to continue to enhance opportunities for the children. As a new member of our school community we hope you will be able to add your support to the work of SPLAT.







Year Group

Martin Caddy


Head Teacher

PE / Computing

PPA cover

Nikki Johnson

School Business Manager



Joanna Crathorne

Class Teacher


Years 3 / 4

Rosie Forte

Class Teacher



Reception / Year 1

Eileen Maddocks

Class Teacher




Designated deputy person for Safeguarding


Year 2

Alan Quinsey

Class Teacher



Mai Cross

Teaching Assistant


Reception / Year 1

Karen Amaden

Teaching Assistant


Years 3 / 4

Stephanie Delve

Teaching Assistant


Years 5/6

Debra Christie

Teaching Assistant


Reception / Year 1

Laura French

Admin Assistant



Debra Christie




Diane Gadie

Kitchen Manager



Tina French

Catering Assistant



Shirley Gadie

Playleader BC and ASC



Patsy Linnell

Playleader – ASC



Mai Cross

Playleader – ASC



Debra Christie




Patsy Linnell




Mai Cross










During warm summer months all children should have a named sun hat in school which they will be encouraged to wear when playing outside.

School staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children, but we would ask that you apply a long lasting sunscreen before school in sunny weather. Children may reapply their own sun cream which must be provided in a clearly named container








If your child has not been picked up at the end of the school day, we ask our staff to follow very strict safeguarding procedures. This starts with phone calls being made to all the contacts on your child’s contact sheet. Should we be unable to contact anyone, we may even have to ring Social Care.


If you are finding it hard to get to school on time to pick them up, please come and talk to us to see if we able to work out a solution.



Our uniform code is:

Girls and Boys:
Navy blue sweatshirt with logo
Yellow polo shirt with logo


Grey School trousers or Skirt

Grey or Black socks / tights.


Grey School Trousers
Grey or Black Socks


Summer Term:

Girls may wear a Navy blue and white summer dress with White Socks. Boys can wear Grey shorts.


PE Uniform for Boys and Girls
Navy Blue School Tracksuit with a White Polo Shirt.

You can order uniform through Rivera Schooldays (online). Sensible shoes must be worn at all times and trainers (plain Black or White) worn for PE.




All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 receive free school dinners, parents should book their child’s selection via ParentPay.





Our school values are:


Respectful: demonstrating good manners; being tolerant and thoughtful towards others and showing consideration for others’ belongings.


Determined: having self-belief and a positive mindset; being focused upon learning and motivated to do well.


Curious: being imaginative and creative; noticing what is happening around them and questioning what they see.


Resourceful: being independent and showing initiative; taking suitable responsibility for their learning and behaviour.




If you are entering the school building for any reason between 8.40am and 3.10pm, you need to sign IN and OUT at the Office – this includes taking your child to the classroom following late arrival, collecting your child from the classroom for early departure, volunteering and attending meetings.




There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school and to gain a greater understanding of its work. Parents’ support and expertise can be used in many ways and is greatly valued. DBS checks are carried out on all adults working in school including regular volunteers.

If you are able to help, please let the school office know.





All children are encouraged to bring water into school daily, in a spill-proof plastic bottle that they can take home at night to rinse and refill. A water fountain is also available to children, in the school building.




The School’s website has a wealth of information including newsletters, curriculum plans and the school’s key policies and documents. You can also view what the children have being doing by visiting the class pages.