Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

September 2017

Full Governor’s Meeting- September 2017


The first meeting of the Governing Body each scholastic year is largely taken up by housekeeping duties, the election of the Chair and Vice-chair and allocating Governors to the Finance or Teaching and Learning Sub-committee.


The Governing Body is made up of eight Governors- one elected staff Governor, two elected parent Governors, one appointed Local Authority Governor and four appointed co-opted Governors , plus the Headmaster and the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs. Johnson. Dates are set for the monthly full Governors’ meetings and those of the sub-committees. The terms of reference for these committees were circulated and any comments or suggested amendments will come back to the next full Governors’ meeting.


Governors must operate under an agreed code of practice which is reviewed on a yearly basis. They must also complete a register of business interests and should such interests be discussed, they must declare the interest and withdraw from any discussion or vote.

The Governing Body cannot make any decisions unless the meeting is quorate- ie 50% of Governors in post are present.


In future, Governors’ meetings will be open to parents and guardians of children at the school. This will be in an observatory capacity and parents will not normally be able to take part in a debate unless expressly invited to do so by the chair. Should a parent wish an item to be included on the Governing Body’s agenda, they should contact Mrs. Johnson, Clerk to The Governors, who will give them advice as to how to proceed.


At each full Governors’ meeting, the Headmaster gives a report on what has been happening in the school. This month Mr. Caddy informed the Governors about the changes in funding for children with Special Educational Needs. These payments come in two forms, as part of an Educational Healthcare Plan and secondly as part of the Devon Assessment Framework. (DAF). The DAF funding will be phased out this year. In Devon, because historically DAF funding has been more expensive than anticipated, Devon is top slicing £33 of every child’s funding that is given to the school, so for our school this means losing about £3000 from our overall budget.


During the last academic year, we have received three Governor resignations, and so we are seeking one local authority appointed Governor and two parent elected Governors. If anyone is interested in becoming a Governor, then please contact Mrs. Johnson in the school office. New Governors will be given an induction program, be appointed a mentor and have access to external training.


Vivienne Thorn