Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Visitor Information Guide



Visitor Identification & Safety

  • Visitors and helpers are requested to wear identification badges and if unknown to the children & staff may be escorted by a member of staff whilst in the School.
  • All volunteers & workers involved with the children will have completed the relevant DBS checks prior to coming into School.
  • All visitors must sign the Visitors Book located in the main reception. Visitors unknown to the School will be asked for proof of identity.
  • As a matter of safety, no visitor/helper may open the intercom gate to any other visitor without first checking with a senior member of staff.



  • Please ensure you are aware of the School Safeguarding procedures including safer working practices, confidentiality and emergency procedures.
  • Before helping in school, all adults will have undertaken a DBS check appropriate to their role and will be asked to sign the school agreement to confirm their acceptance of school polices regarding safeguarding & confidentiality.
  • The member of staff you are working with will be responsible for sharing other procedures and additional information is displayed around the School.



  • If you hear the continuous sound of the fire alarm please immediately leave the building by the nearest exit and assemble in the playground near the main reception.
  • In the event of an accident to an adult or child, please inform a member of staff immediately. Signs are located throughout the building listing staff that are first aid trained. All accidents must be reported.
  • If you see or hear something that concerns you, then please speak to a senior member of staff.


School Facilities

  • The adult toilets are located opposite the staff room.
  • Visitors and helpers are invited to use the staffroom and help themselves to tea/coffee.
  • Hot drinks can only be taken if in a thermos mug with a lid and this must be kept out of harm’s way.
  • If you stay with us over lunchtime you can order and pay for a lunch from the school kitchen.


Parking at the School

The School does not have a car park, so please park at the nearby Village Hall or on the road near School. Please park considerately as this will help us to maintain good relationships within our community.


Please remember

  • We have a non-smoking policy on all parts of the school site.
  • No images must be taken of any child or adult without the prior approval of the head teacher, and only then using one of the school cameras.


Should you have any queries we would be very happy to help, please contact the school office.