Stokeinteignhead Primary School
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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Volunteering in school, Parents Workshop, October 2017

On Thursday 2nd November, we held an Information Session on volunteering in school for Parents.

The following points were covered in the meeting:


Reason for the meeting

Nikki Johnson explained that some parents had mentioned that they had not been taken up on their offers of help to the school. The school really values parental help but sometimes time is a factor and this can mean that it is difficult to arrange helpers at the last minute. Parents are encouraged to offer their support to the office or class teacher.



How can Parents Help?


Parents are encouraged to help with a whole wealth of activities from Reading and helping in the Library to running after school clubs. 


How Parents can help.

Reading, Library, Trips, Activities, and much more!

Special skills or talents – talks in class / assemblies / clubs
Curriculum Maps – Topics. Areas of expertise or experiences.
DBS Checks and Safeguarding
What if we don’t ask for helpers?
Guidance Documents

Information leaflet for Volunteers, Safeguarding Guidance,

Parent Volunteer agreement – Safeguarding

Information on Reading – helping the children.
Information on systems used for Reading.
Support – staff and existing helpers.
Benefits – importance of parental involvement, impact on children’s learning.
School Finances – cuts / additional costs.
Other ways to help – SPLAT, fundraising, obtaining sponsorship etc.
How do I sign up?