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Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Willow Class: Mr Quinsey

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What's happening in Willow Class?

The Autumn term has seen the children in Willow Class working to demonstrate a range of objectives in English, Mathematics and Science.


In writing, a number of tasks have been intended to develop the children's ability to recognise different words and groups of words within sentences: main verbs, modal verbs, subordinating conjunctions and clauses, prepositions, adverbials, noun phrases. Alongside this, there has been a special focus upon simple sentences: their structure and the impact of their use. Further still, the broader task of organising of paragraphs around a theme has featured more heavily as the term has progressed and will continue to do so into next term.


Mathematics has largely concentrated upon two broad areas: calculation and measures. Children have been practising and securing the use of methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (and many will move to more formal methods in the Spring term). The children's calculation skills have been reinforced by work undertaken in area and perimeter, length, mass, capacity and volume. The range of tasks has lent itself, in particular, to the performing of mental calculations as children strive to convert between different units of measurement.


The Science activities given to the children have provided opportunities for practical work. These have involved the rolling of toy cars down slopes and onto surfaces with varying degrees of friction; the swinging of pendulums of different lengths and masses; and the stretching of elastic bands to determine whether there is a relationship between the force applied and the length of the band. Much of this has served to reinforce the children's measurement skills and there has been need, on more than one occasion in the process of presenting the findings, for children to display the outcome in the form of a line graph - evidence which is then used for the drawing of conclusions.

IXL online

IXL is a commercial website to which the school began subscribing in December of last year. It offers children in Class 3 the chance to practise and refine their skills for both Grammar & Punctuation and Mathematics. The website can be accessed from any computer; it only requires that the child knows his or her log-in details. I provide lists of activities that correspond to the work which is taking place in the classroom at the time. (Owing to the extent to which I anticipate the number of lists will increase during the months ahead, this facility has been afforded its own sub-pages.) Click on the headings below to see current and recent lists for both subjects.


For any parent who wonders what might be a good, yet straightforward, means of supporting a child at home, this is it.


'Homework' is usually a case of catching up, continuing with or finishing off work that is being done in class. It is essentially a means of ensuring that the extensive content of the National Curriculum is covered by every child. Keeping up with homework helps to prevent a child from falling behind. Homework is most frequently set at weekends, but it may also be required during the week.


Spellings, multiplication tables and IXL online are elements that can be practised at home even without my having specifically requested that children do so.


Click on the icon below to see details of current homework.