Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful
Stokeinteignhead Primary School
Curious, Determined, Resourceful and Respectful

Class General Information

Sun and Rain Protection

Children should always bring at least a light waterproof coat (even on sunny dry-looking days). Please make sure that your child brings appropriate protection, such as a sun hat and sunglasses on sunny days and hats and gloves on cold days. As with all items of clothing these should be clearly named.

Book Changing

Year 1 children have a box in which they put their reading book and reading record each day. They are then called to change their book if they need to – this usually happens first thing in the morning. As the children begin to read longer stories, book changing may not be a daily occurrence. In Year 2, the children are given greater responsibility although Miss Cheung usually asks each table whether anyone needs to change their reading book.  Please make sure your child brings their reading book and reading record to school each day. 

News/Sharing Time

On Mondays, there is a regular sharing time when the children usually tell the rest of their group about something that happened at the weekend. Your child is very welcome to bring in something relevant such as a toy they have played with or a brochure.

Friday Reading

The first session on Friday mornings is a time when all children in the class read to an adult. If you are able to come and listen to children read on a Friday morning between 9 am and 10.15 am, you are very welcome to just turn up on the day even if you cannot do it regularly.

Teacher Trainee

This term Class 1 also have a trainee teacher, Miss Pope, who is a 3rd year from Plymouth University. Miss Pope is gradually take on more teaching and responsibility under the supervision of Mrs Maddocks and Mr Caddy.

Welly Work

We are lucky to be allowed to use a wooded area belonging to the French family. It is a 15 minute walk from school and enables us to enjoy many types of outdoor learning, adventure and fun. The children usually come to school in old clothes and bring wellies. A letter is sent beforehand to you let you know when this is happening.

PE Lessons

Children  take part in PE sessions on Monday afternoons and should therefore wear their PE kits into school each Monday.


Positive/negative behaviour responses

Good behaviour or good work during the day may be rewarded by putting the child’s name on the sticker chart. Stickers are given out at the end of the school day. A bead in the class pot is earned for something more out of the ordinary. They are often given when the class or groups of children have impressed. When the pot is full the class earns a treat such as film time, extra playtime or even a trip.


At the end of each week two awards are presented: the ‘Worker of the Week’ and the ‘Kindness Award’. The chosen children are each given a certificate.  The class mascot, Elmer, a colourful elephant is also sent home with a child chosen at the teacher’s discretion.


At the end of each term the head teacher gives the following awards: The Head Teacher’s Award and The Kindness Award. The Head Teacher’s Award is given to a child who has impressed by their attitude and/or progress in school work. Both awards are given after consultation with the class teacher.

Certificates for progress in all areas of the curriculum and for outstanding homework may also be awarded by the teacher at the end of term.


When behaviour falls below that which is acceptable, children may lose a star from their star chart.  This results in losing time from Friday's reward hour.