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Stokeinteignhead Primary School
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Collecting your child at the end of the School Day

  Collection arrangements and guidance  


To ensure the safeguarding of all children, it is essential that the school has a procedure in place for the safe collection of all children at the end of a school day, and guidance for parents in the event of them being late/unable to collect their child.


  • The school expects children to be collected at the end of the school day, which is 3.10 pm.
  • The school gate is opened at 3.00pm. Parents are asked to keep the area around the entrance doors doors clear to enable children to make a safe exit and are asked to make sure they are visible to their child.
  • Children in Reception and Class One are let out of the side entrance and are handed over to their parent/carer.
  • Parents/carers are asked to wait in the playground to collect their child.
  • Children in Key Stage Two are let out of class at 3.30pm and use the main entrance to exit.
  • If the person expected to collect the child is not there, the child will inform a staff member on the playground
  • Any child not collected within 10 minutes will be taken to sit outside the school office and should be collected from there.


Please refer to Guidance for Parents below for the procedure beyond this point.


Child Not Collected from School Procedure

In the event of a parent/carer not arriving to collect their child at the end of the school day:

It is a parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure that their child is collected at the end of the school day. It is essential that parents/carers provide the school with a record of their contact details i.e. names, addresses, home, work and mobile telephone numbers. Parents should also provide the school with the contact details of at least two other relatives/carers who can be called when the parent/carer cannot be contacted or in the event of an emergency. Should any of these details change, please inform the school immediately.


If you are unexpectedly delayed and are unable to collect, or will be late collecting your child from school, please contact the school office by telephone as soon as possible. Please do leave a message on the answerphone if there is no answer as we will check this if any children are not collected.


If you arrange for another adult to collect your child, you must let the school know the details of that person. This can be in writing or verbally including information about if it is a one off or regular agreement. We ask that as much notice as possible is given if this is known in advance.


If you are unable to arrange for another adult to collect your child, then the school will ask the After School Club’ to look after your child. There will be a charge if we have to take this action.

If contact with the school has not been made by 5pm a telephone call will be made to social services informing them of the situation.